Tailored prevention

How are you? Do you feel vital and fit? Whether yes or no - one is and has always been clear: prevention is the best medicine. But do we live consciously then? The implementation is difficult in all the variety offered and hectic work environment?

Yoosana is the social network for health care and stands for vitality and health through prevention. Here, end users, their friends, experts of the healthcare market and companies globally networked with each other so and the voluntary sharing and analysis of health data capable, that it serves to improve the health of consumers and thus leads to an increase in the quality of life.

Our platform integrated with their always available digital health coach changes the behavior of users sustainably towards a healthy lifestyle. This is achieved since the consumer is aware of the owns lifestlye when using Yoosana and interacts with the digital health coach who is based medical basics tailored to the person and true in the current moment recommendations from various fields. Users are themselves the architects of their health and take more responsibility for their bodies.

Investment in a healthy future

At first Yoosana focused only on the prevention of obesity (type 2 diabetes prevention) and awareness of this topic. The platform is aligned for a high proportion of people living in industrialized countries and emerging population with action. Now Yoosana is open for everybody.

With this groundbreaking platform we relieve the one hand the government health systems and reduce health care costs for health insurance. On the other hand, we introduce the citizens of the States to a healthy and active lifestyle so that, in turn, will influence your society.

The platform - medically based on scientific research by the Institute for Medical Biometry and Computer Science of the University Hospital Heidelberg - is available for desktop, tablet and smartphone with https://www.yoosana.com. Get on board and invest in a healthy future.


If you would like to contact us we would be very glad to be of assistance! Please direct all enquiries to us by Email or phone.
Rico Friedrich
+41 79 837 15 16
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