Find and bind your clients and offer them your
    services through your personal company profile!
Manage your clients and let you share
    their health statistics and analysis!
Publish specialized articles to increase your
    visibility and expand your expert network!
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Yoosana is your social network for health care and connects you as a recognized therapist with a wide range of potential clients.
Encourage and support your clients on their path to sustainable health through insight into their shared goals, progress and health analyzes.
Be supported by scientifically based procedures in Yoosana to increase the quality of life of your clients in the long term.
Present yourself as a likeable person with your services to a wide and strong cash audience.
Find, bind and motivate new clientele, shine with your expertise and build your own network in short time.
In addition, you will be able to exchange experiences with other experts all over the world and benefit from the comprehensive network of experts.
Keep track of all your clients: who needs your help, who develops. Because only together will you have lasting success.
View shared health statistics and advances of your clients and group them for your next actions.
Browse the network for profiles that match your services.
Keep up to date on the health status of your clients. Yoosana offers you all the evaluations about each of your clients. This allows you to react more quickly to all eventualities.
Let your clients run your health calendar daily and then regularly check the progress with Yoosana. For your documents, you can also print out the most important data as a PDF export.
The health calendar is the heart of Yoosana. With it, your clients plan what they eat and how often they move in which way. If everything is done, it is checked off.
Support your clients by building nutritional and fitness plans and recommendations and sharing the community.
Create and publish your own recipe, menu and activity suggestions and draw your attention to yourself in Yoosana.
Yoosana is an open system and lives with its members. To to distinguish from the crowd, you have the opportunity to post regular various self-written content in Yoosana and publish it to the world.
These can be recipes or tutorials, specialist articles or small stories for motivation enhancement. Your clients' valuations will be certain to you.
Whether you are a therapist, nutrition consultant, fitnesscoach, naturopath, physician or pharmacist - whatever you are in Yoosana's health network, you can get to know potential clients from a new site. Log in as an expert, actively advise and manage your customer base with some mouse clicks and secure additional new business for your offline business. In addition, you can get in touch with your colleagues and easily exchange information anywhere in the world.
Highest quality standards: We only accept qualified specialists who are eligible from a health insurance (basic or supplementary insurance) or are members of a specialist association audited by us.
Conditions & Concept
For which experts is Yoosana suitable?
We only accept qualified specialists who are eligible for a health insurance (basic or supplementary insurance) or are members of a specialist association audited by us.

Do you fulfill the criteria and are you a doctor, therapist, naturopath, pharmacist, fitnesstrainer or nutritionist? Then you are right here. Your customers are waiting for your advice. Be active and talk to them. You will see how simply sustainable new business functions.
How do I introduce myself to a new customers?
First you create a meaningful and sympathetic profile from which your qualifications will be clear. Then contact the members who propose to you by Yoosana due to your characteristics and offer your services.
Can I advise members in Yoosana for their own account?
Yes, this is even expressly desired.
How can I contact potential clients?
You generally have several options. Present yourself with your services in a pleasant profile. Send an internal message to potential clients if members have enabled the option. Comment on experience reviews, blogs and inquiries from clients. Accept contact requests from clients in the social network.
How do I keep track of my clients?
To do so please use the client list on your personal dashboard. Here you will also find the performance data of your customers, from which you can see who does need your coaching the most at the moment. Group your clients and control your activities centrally for your client groups.
What should I do if I want to dissolve the contract with a customer?
In this case, please contact your customer directly.
Operation & Technology
How much does the Yoosana membership cost?
We will charge you a basic membership fee of 360 EUR per year (30 Euro per month). Your personal clients will receive advanced functionality at the platform. Yoosana offers the infrastructure for a future-oriented health care!

In cooperation with health insurance companies, we offer certified programs based on Yoosana with selected therapists of the network. These programs are then payable, but are taken over by the health insurers in case of success and the costs are refunded. Are you interested in supporting such programs? Feel free to contact us!
Can I use Yoosana with a mobile application?
Yoosana can currently not be used by the therapist via the smartphone and is optimized exclusively for the client area for selected core functionality as a mobile web application for the smartphone.

However, use is possible on a tablet as in the desktop. To do so, open a mobile browser on your tablet and enter yoosana.com as your address. Then save the page as a bookmark.
How do I register and what happens after registration?
To register as a therapist, please feel free to contact us by e-mail, giving your personal and business data, as well as certifications to support [@] yoosana.com. We will contact you and take you online at Yoosana when you meet the criteria.

After logging in, your dashboard will appear with valuable tips on how to use Yoosana. Please follow the important instructions so that you can support Yoosana as much as possible.
How can I change my password?
To change your password, log in or register. Then select the menu item "MY ACCOUNT > SYSTEM > Login & membership". Click "Change Password" and it will open the form in which you can change your password. Note that a double entry of the new password is required please. You then confirm your entry with "Save Password".
We could not answer your question? Then please contact our customer support: support [ @ ] yoosana.com. One of our representatives will assist you.
To register as a therapist, please contact your support team via e-mail, giving your personal and business data, as well as certifications to support [ @ ] yoosana.com. We will contact you and take you online at Yoosana when you meet the criteria.
Zur Registrierung also Unternehmen wenden Sie sich bitte per Email an support [ @ ] yoosana.com.
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