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Yoosana is your social network for health care and connects you with your like-minded and therapists recognized by health insurance companies.
Get motivated or supported in your path to sustainable health and share your goals and progress with your friends and coaches.
Yoosana enables you to increase your quality of life in the long term through a digital coaching based on scientifically founded procedures.
The health calendar is at the heart of Yoosana. With it you plan what you eat and how often you move yourself. If everything is done, just checked it off.
That is the secret of Yoosana: Through personal compilation of diet and activity - supported by recommendations of Yoosana - you are long term in a position to sustainably achieve your goals.
You will see that you develop a whole new lifestyle.
Take advantage of the extensive and ever-growing recipe and menu database with over 10,000 entries to plan your own personal diet calendar. Just select, drag and drop drag in the calendar, check off at the end and everything is eaten literally.
Boredom and diet craze was yesterday: Each member can create their own favorite recipes and share them with the world.
Because nothing is as individual and affects your mood as your own meals.
Yoosana itself is a social network for your health - for today and tomorrow.
Find like-minded people and friends for joint activities. They form groups on health topics, share your preferences, goals and evaluations.
If you like become a guru for health and help others members to reach their objectives. Experts in the network will support you too.
Your health is thoroughly analyzed and monitored by the platform at all times. You will also receive valuable individual tips for future planning.
Yoosana offers a variety of different reports that will help you to get a quick overview of your successes and overall health.
Keep the tailored suggestions for diet and exercise with Yoosana always in view and you can reach your goals sustainably.
Build on links with health experts from around the world. Whether nutritionist, doctor, pharmacist, medical practitioner around the corner or the traditional medicine from China - Yoosana makes it possible.
All health experts represented at Yoosana are tested, recognized by health insurances and in their range trustworthy. Contact them, share your own data freely when needed and get helpful tips and individual answers in the shortest time.
Stay fit and healthy! Your prevention platform Yoosana help you. Prevention means to behave in the way that it is good for your health and that daily. Yoosana helps you to behave the same way; the long term and sustained.
You do not have to give up what you liked or follow prescribed diet plans. Share Yoosana your preferences and health goals. Based on that you will get personally tailored recommendations on diet and exercise and medically sound analyzes of your habits and goals, but you are always responsible for the compilation of your eating habits and your exercise.
With Yoosana first defeat your one's inner self and then keep at it. Register for free or connect yourself via Facebook and let Yoosana guide you through the platform while you follow the important hints of Yoosana.
An introduction video is availalbe so far in German language only.
Conditions & Concept
Who can join Yoosana?
Basically for everyone, because Yoosana is the social network for your health! However, we recommend that you do not use the Yoosana digital coach either for eating disorders or physical symptoms, and to check with your doctor.
Was is Yoosana?
Yoosana is your social network for health care and stands for vitality and fitness through prevention. There you are networked with peers and therapists, you are enabled to voluntary share and evaluate of your health data and get support by medically-based tools that help improve your health and lead to an increase in your quality of life. The ever-available digital health coaching program from Yoosana helps you to adapt your life habits to a healthy lifestyle.

Yoosana is medically based on research at the Institute of Medical Biometry and Computer Science of the University Hospital of Heidelberg for the online prevention of diabetes and is thus your serious platform for prevention.
How individual is Yoosana?
Based on medical considerations, Yoosana's digital health care coach will provide you with personalized and relevant recommendations from various areas such as diet, exercise and events. Yoosana uses the knowledge of your favorite food and your favorite activities as well as your general health condition and your health goals.
Is Yoosana also suitable for professionals with little time?
Yes. Yoosana provides optimum support without much time. Even in the fully packed day the system is your ideal digital health consultant.
For which groups of people Yoosana is not suitable?
The digital coach of Yoosana is aimed at healthy adults and will not provide serious recommendations for medical questions. If you are suffering from health problems or diseases, talk to your doctor beforehand you take action in Yoosana and seek help from a registered therapist. Participation in digital coaching is not possible for persons under 18 years of age. On the one hand, underaged persons are not adequately legal capacity and on the other hand, the recommendations in Yoosana are currently not aimed at children and adolescents.
How does Yoosana work?
Yoosana leads over time to a flexible and balanced nutritional and movement behavior without calorie counting. Yoosana gives concrete recommendations, shows possibilities of a healthy way of life, helps to think about your own behavior and provides necessary background knowledge.

It is very important that you learn to take responsibility for your actions. While Yoosana can offer help and support, the individual key to success must be developed by each individual. This is achieved by self-responsible creation of plans and goals, which is always supported by Yoosana's recommendations.

You can always consult registered experts, who are recognized by the health insurance companies, if you have questions or difficulties on your path of change.
Can I take personal advisory service?
In Yoosana you will find a large number of certified and qualified therapists, experts and consultants (sports and nutritionists, psychologists, doctors, etc.). Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions!

Within the scope of offers of your health insurance it is possible to receive programs based on Yoosana in cooperation with selected therapists. Ask for at your health insurance!
Do I need to keep plans for diet and exercise?
There are basically no strict plans. The digital coach of Yoosana supports you individually in the proper design of your plans about the health calendar of the platform. He will get to know your preferences and will be able to give you recommendations according to your needs.

Sure, you always have the opportunity to search the network for recognized and suitable therapists and to contact these experts for the preparation of plans about Yoosana.
Operation & Technology
How much does the membership at Yoosana cost?
The membership in your social network for prevention is free. Yoosana offers the infrastructure for a future-oriented health care!

In cooperation with health insurance companies, we offer certified programs based on Yoosana with selected therapists of the network. These programs are then payable, but are taken over by the health insurers in case of success and the costs are refunded. Ask for your health insurance!
How can I use Yoosana with my smartphone?
Yoosana is also optimized for mobile devices for selected core functionalities as a mobile web application. To do this, open a mobile browser on your smartphone or tablet and type yoosana.com as your address. Then save the page as a bookmark.

Manual registration at Yoosana is currently offered through the website only.

The following functions are currently available on your smartphone:

Manage Schedule: Confirm your scheduled calendar entries.
Enter activities into the calendar: Include food and exercise in your health calendar.
Add Favorites: Use the quick access to your favorites to add them to your calendar.
Shopping list: Your current always up-to-date shopping list for the next three days for your next purchase always mobile!
How do I register and what happens after registration?
Simply connect to your Facebook account or register directly with Yoosana via the red "REGISTRATION FOR FREE" button. Please select your username carefully, because you can not change it later. You can also post in the community, create public diary entries or comments under your user name. After successful registration, you will receive an e-mail for confirmation and will be registered immediately in the system.

After logging in, your dashboard will appear with valuable tips on how to use Yoosana. Please follow the important instructions so that you can support Yoosana as best as possible on your path to sustainable health.
How can I change my password?
To change your password, log in or register. Then select the menu item "MY ACCOUNT > SYSTEM > Login & membership". Click "Change Password" and it will open the form in which you can change your password. Note that a double entry of the new password is required please. You then confirm your entry with "Save Password".
We could not answer your question? Then please contact our customer support: support [ @ ] yoosana.com. One of our representatives will assist you.
To register as a therapist, please contact your support team via e-mail, giving your personal and business data, as well as certifications to support [ @ ] yoosana.com. We will contact you and take you online at Yoosana when you meet the criteria.
Zur Registrierung also Unternehmen wenden Sie sich bitte per Email an support [ @ ] yoosana.com.
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